Marine Solutions

Offshore Engineering

Shipping oversized, complex and valuable cargo by water comes with unique challenges, and Atlas Shipping Marine Solutions Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) know this better than anyone. Whether it's transporting a land-based oil rig to its final location over water, or a simple towing resistance analysis, our experts provide customized solutions.

Atlas Shipping Marine Solutions offers innovative marine engineering solutions throughout the life cycle of all our projects. Our solutions include conceptual design, detailed engineering and management of multiple engineering disciplines. We provide high quality engineering in every project we perform. Our people ensure successful project execution.

Marine Salvage Support

Atlas Shipping Marine Solutions has been involved in a number of salvage operations, providing experienced naval architects and marine engineers from the initial response through mobilizing on-site salvage team support. No matter the size or scope of the project, Atlas Shipping Marine Solutions can employ the right team of professional, highly qualified and experienced individuals to provide fast, accurate and industry-leading knowledge and expertise.


Specialized Marine Engineering Services